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PayMatic caught two errors that our previous payroll company has been making for years costing us thousands in excessive tax withholdings.

Joe W.
Real  Estate Management Company,
Ridley, Pennsylvania

What makes this company special is when you need them for those unusual circumstances. They assist you in getting the answers you need in a friendly, hassle-free manner. Put simply, PayMatic takes care of their business so that you can take care of yours.

Lisa M.
Plastic Manufacturing,
Wayne, NJ

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Tax and Compliance
Tax Service
PayMatic will deposit your federal, state and local taxes for you on time. No more late fees, interest or penalties. We guarantee 100% accuracy or we will pay the penalties. The IRS and some states require some employers to deposit payroll taxes electronically.  Don’t risk your compliance with these requirements; let PayMatic make all payments, fully complying with these regulations.Tax deposits are made electronically using EFTPS and other state electronic payment methods.

PayMatic will file all your federal returns 940, 941, 941 schedule B and 944, on time according to your filing schedule. State income tax withholding, wage reporting, unemployment and local returns are filed in accordance to your filing requirements. All returns are filed electronically where available.

PayMatic will prepare your employee W2’s and will mail them to you or directly to your employees and will file for W3 with the federal and state government.
New Hire Reporting
Most states require reporting to the state within 20 days of hiring a new employee. PayMatic will help you stay in compliance and will report all new hires according to each states regulations.
Wage Garnishments
Wage garnishment orders include child support, defaulted loans, unpaid taxes or other monetary judgments. What should you do if you receive more than one garnishment order for the same employee? Are you obligated to honor an order from a different state? Do you have any responsibilities if the employee leaves his job? And how is a Federal tax levy different from other collection orders?

PayMatic takes the guesswork out of wage garnishment management. With the help of our experienced professionals, all garnishments you receive will be processed in the correct priority and the correct amounts. You also have the option of receiving third party checks for the amounts garnished, complete with docket or case numbers and ready for mailing to the appropriate collection agencies.
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